Friday Countdown - Gun Laws

Friday Countdown - Gun Laws

Guns laws I'm good with.  


#10 - In a spirit of strict Constitutional constructionism, allow anyone in a well-regulated militia (with published training standards and minimum of $5 million of insurance) to own as many black-powder muskets or pistols as they want.


#9 – Congress may only have the same level of security as the least secure public school in America.  If the least secure public school in America has one armed guard, Congress gets one armed guard.    


#8 – No one found guilty of any violent offense may own a firearm.  Ever.  We're done with you.  


#7 – No one accused of domestic violence by two or more women (because, in theory, one woman could lie) can own a firearm. Call it the "Porter" law because, you know, everyone at the White House said he was good guy.  


#6 – With the Constitutional exception of black powder muskets and pistols (and ammunition and powder related thereto) guns and ammunition may only be sold at licensed, physical retail locations, pending successful completion of a background investigation and a 90-day waiting period.  Make the background investigation thorough and expensive.   


#5 (either of these)


#5a - Automatic and semi-automatic weapons are unlawful, in any form.  They are subject to buyback and destruction by the Federal Government.  Penalty for failure to provide any automatic or semi-automatic weapons for destruction by the Federal Government is life in prison, at hard labor.    


#5b – Automatic weapons are unlawful in any form, similar to #5a.  Semi-automatic weapons are permissible, pending completion of a background investigation and 90 day waiting period, and semi-automatic weapons manufacturers are liable for any damages related to any use of their weapon which results in death unrelated to self-defense or defense of the nation.


#4 – Any elected official or candidate for elective office who either accepts contributions from weapons manufacturers or organizations acting on their behalf or does not disavow attacks on their opponents from weapons manufacturers or organizations working on their behalf must constantly wear a hat that clearly identifies them as a menace to society.  I"m open to suggestions what words would be on the hat. 


#3 – If you possess a firearm in the commission of a crime, the minimum sentence is ten years, at hard labor.  


#2 – Women are allowed to carry concealed weapons by right.  Men have to pass an annual pyschological exam, and volunteer for at least 20 hours of community service each month, to have a concealed carry permit.   


#1 – Collect them all, and send them to whatever country we hate the most.