Friday Countdown - Pleasantries

Friday Countdown - Pleasantries

Pleasant surprises of this week and / or 2018 model year Volvo browns, in order:


10.  Luminous Sand Metallic


9.  Ian’s (Madison, WI. pizza place) has a “Chicago Hot Dog” pizza.


8.  The Dalai Lama is on Twitter.


7.  The Quad City Times published a sentence including my name that was neither negative nor inaccurate.  The article was negative and had a glaring inaccuracy, but the sentence with my name in it was fine.  Progress.   


6.  (tie) Twilight Bronze Metallic / Popping the “Live and Sleazy” Village People 8-track I bought at Ragged Records in Davenport for $1 into the office stereo, I find the tape is actually a bootleg J. Geils Band concert.  Cool.


5.  Lydia Night’s (Regrettes frontwoman) first concert?  Her dad took her to a Donnas concert when she was five.  That … would do it.    


4.  Chuck Yeager is on Twitter.


3.  (tie) Finished a multi-hundred million dollar deal that's been unfinished for about two decades to bring a five-star resort to Seaside's golf course and worked a college scholarship program for children of resort employees into the package while doing so. / Maple Brown Metallic


2.  Just learned who played guitar on the excellent (seriously, here) Justin Townes Earle’s “Rogers Park”*.  Jason Isbell.  How'd I not know that for seven years?


1.  Peter MacDonald’s White House Remarks - What a remarkable, delightful start to remarks that later went askew. Watch it here, and try to ignore the dumb stuff, including staging it under the Andrew Jackson portrait.   



* Bonus - Chicago neighborhood of my youth