Friday Countdown - Winter Time Killers

Friday Countdown - Winter Time Killers

Ever notice they had to create a cavalcade of sports to fill the winter baseball void?  Ranked from awful, to passable, but still not baseball.      


10.  NFL Football - Like to help rich, old white guys profit by maiming young black men?  Here’s your show.   


9.5 Ice Fishing - At least you’re not helping old white guys profit by maiming young black men.


9. Hunting Season - The outdoors part is ok.  But it’s a little asymmetric, as sports go.


8. Bowling - Moves up four slots if The Big Lebowski.


7. NBA Basketball - It can be fun.  It can also be run, shoot, score, run, shoot, score tedious.


6. College Football - School spirit makes the game seem not quite as bad.  Still, it’s a game premised on knocking somebody down, and that only goes so far.   


5. College Basketball - Again, school spirit improves the game.


4. Curling - Have never understood the innings, or quarters, or whatever they call them, but it’s somewhere between soothing and mesmerizing to watch.


3. Hockey - It’s very difficult.  It’s very fast.  It can really, really, hurt.  Those are the makings of a  good sport.  High school, college, NHL, Olympic … they’re all terrific, for slightly different reasons.      


2.  Freestyle Skiing - Creativity and risk - the very soul of youth.


1.5 Pond Hockey - The winter sport of my teen years, so it’s gonna rank high.


1.  Downhill Skiing - Hurtling down a mountain as fast as you possibly can taunts mortality which is, by definition, cool.  Very, very fast.  Can really, really, really hurt.  Kinda crazy.  That’s a great sport.