Countdown - Tiebreakers

Countdown - Tiebreakers

Longest WS game ever has the genius switch in the upright and locked position.


10. Start the 10th inning with bench coach on first.


9.  Start the 11th inning with beer vendor (incuding beer cooler) on second.


8.  Start the 12th inning with Commissioner on third.


7.  Start the 13th inning with seed-spitting contest.  Winning team gets an extra out. 


6.  National League team gets to bat out of order in the 14th inning. 


5.  In the 15th inning Joe Buck has to shut up, retroactively, to the 2nd inning.


4.  Team with oldest ballpark gets to name the opposing pitcher for the 16th inning.  Selected player must be a position player. 


3.  Home run derby precedes 17th inning.  Winning team gets Mike Trout for remainder of game. 


2.  Bullpen catchers square off in dizzy bat race in the 18th inning, for all the marbles. 


1.  Just play day games, and this won’t be a problem.