Friday Countdown - Kids Books

Friday Countdown - Kids Books

It’s Dr. Seuss’ birthday, and in preparation of reading to Seaside pre-schoolers, here’s the top ten books to read to your kids (your mileage may vary). 


But, before the countdown begins, let’s get this straight.  Goodnight Moon, or any other book with the express purpose of getting kids to go to sleep, will NOT be on the list!  Who wants kids to go to sleep?  They’re no fun when they’re asleep.  Give em’ some sugar and a rousing story, and keep going.  They’re gonna grow up and out of being read to, soooo much sooner than you want them to. 


Read to them, and read to them some more, while you still can. 


#10 – Oh, the Places You’ll Go:  A craftsman-like effort from the good doctor, but kind of a lot of pressure to get a passport, at such a young age.


#9 (tie) Good Dog Carl:  A book with no words, so you get to make up the story.


#9 (tie) Jerry Seinfeld’s Halloween:  Read it in the voice and vocal cadence of Jerry Seinfeld, and your kids will (briefly) think you are a comic genius.


#8 – The Lorax:  We’re all born environmentalists.  We’re all born nice too.  Tis a shame it goes haywire for some.


#7 – Make Way For Ducklings:  Some of us don’t get to be born urbanists.  So, here’s a primer on the basics of civilization.


#6 – The Very Hungry Caterpillar:  For the great, simple graphics (we’re also all born artists). 


#5 – Green Eggs & Ham:  Making the gentle but life-expanding suggestion to try something new.  Would rank higher, except I’m pretty sure the brussel sprouts industry commissioned the book.


#4 – Where The Wild Things Are:  Dinner is over-rated.  Let the wild rumpus start! 


#3 – Cat in the Hat:  psst, kids … your parents aren’t home and they’re not too bright anyway.  Let’s have fun.  See also, playing Cheap Trick’s Surrender at full volume in the car and singing the chorus enthusiastically. 


#2 – Mr. Brown Can Moo:  Being silly, making silly noises with your kids.  Thanks, Doc.


#1 – Go Dog Go: P.D. Eastman sums up the essence of life on page sixty.  It’s A Dog Party!  Bring the same enthusiasm for “It’s A Dog Party!” on read #1,567 as you did on read #1, and you (and your kids) will turn out fine.