Friday(ish) Countdown - Best Travel

Friday(ish) Countdown - Best Travel

Somebody buys a daVinci painting for $450 million.  So affronted by such an ostentatious display of wealth that does not, in fact, purchase every remaining Lancia Stratos instead, here's a quck ten much better paintings that you can visit for free if you're a kid or for a small admission fee if not at the best damn art musuem on the planet (or galaxy, if you're a born and raised Chicagoan with the requisite modest pride in your hometown).  Off the top of my head (and thus subject to revision) ...  


10.  Landscape IV - Roy Lichtenstein


9.  Paris Street: Rainy Day - Gustave Caillebotte


8. (tie) Greyed Rainbow - Jackson Pollock, Self Portrait - Vincent van Gogh


7. American Gothic - Grant Wood


6. Arrival of the Normandy Train, Gare Saint-Lazare - Claude Monet


5. The Herring Net - Winslow Homer


4. A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte – Georges Seurat


3. Sky Above Clouds IV - Georgia O’ Keefe


2. America Windows - Marc Chagall (I know, not a painting.  Doesn't matter.  See: Ferris and Sloane)


1. Nighthawks - Ed Hopper